Budgets for 2013

Rincón de la Victoria town hall approved the budgets for the coming year, 2013. The planned revenue for the year is 35.5 million Euros, with payments of 33.2million.

The only budget not to be cut is the welfare budget, which has an increase of 77,000 Euros. The mayor stressed that the priority was not to reduce works and not to raise taxes to the populace.
The next month will be for different groups to plead their cases for more money before the budgets are finally adopted at the end of the year. The Mayor hopes that his budget for 2014 will be less restrictive.

There was some opposition from the PSOE who considered the budget an outrage. The budget is 2,282,248 Euros more that 2011 and accused the councillor for Finance, Antonio Fernandez of funding the budget through an 11.5% rise in IBI.
The PSOE also criticized the setting aside of more than half a million Euros for expenditure on what they considered superfluous, such as advertising and propaganda.

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