La Casa Fuerte has the first sculpture exhibition by Suso de Marcos, in tribute to Manuel Alcántara

susomarcosUntil 12th June, La Casa FuerteBezmiliana in Rincón de la Victoriahas the first sculpture exhibition by the artistSuso de Marcos, called 'Por los versos de Manuel' in tribute to the journalist settled in the municipality.

The exhibition is made up of eleven pieces of work, made in different formats; on bronze, iron, wood or marble, and inspired by Alcántara's poetry "that holds a mutual dependency between the sculpture and the poet", says the councillor.

The artist has said "it's the first time this exhibition has been shown, after more than a year of work, and we have chosen Rincón de la Victoria so as to be as close as possible to the artist's home." Suso de Marcos has expressed his desire for Rincón de la Victoria "to be the starting point for the exhibition, moving around other places within the province in order to make "the sculpted life of our teacher Manuel Alcántara" well known".

As well, the catalogue produced by the sculptural master has the literary support of academics, writers, journalists, professors, and poets of well-known prestige that describe the work and poetry of both.

Suso de Marcos was born in La Coruña where he completed studies in plastic art at the Escuelas de Pablo Picasso in the city as well as in Central in Madrid, widening his training in other European countries. He has had many exhibitions, many individual as well as collective, within cultural spaces, art galleries, museums and so on. His work can also be seen in public spaces, collections and museums as well as on the European continent and in America. He is a member of the Real Academia de BellasArtes de San Telmo in Malaga, and an associate member of España de lasRealesAcademias.

The exhibition will be open to the public until the 12th June from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11:00-13:00 and 17:30-21:00, and on Sundays from 11:00-14:00. Entrance is free. Casa FuerteBezmiliana. AvenidadelMediterráneonúmero 182. Rincón de la Victoria.

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