Rincón Contigo sells clothes in the market to help those most in need

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Every Wednesday , the association Rincon Contigo goes to the market from 9 a.m to 2 p.m to sell clothes they have been given and with the money they get they buy fresh food like fruit , vegetables and meat to give out to families in need.

"They give us clothes and first of all the people who need them are given them and with what is left we sell cheaply in the market to people who want to buy them," explains Rincon Contigo´s president,Tere Gonzalez.

She says some people buy for their use, but others only do it to collaborate with them. Sometimes they have gone to the second hand market in Nerja on Sundays because they have been given computers, cots...and foreigners often visit these types of markets to buy things.

"We have to earn the food that we give to the families in need, but we think they need to eat not only, milk, pasta and oil, they also need meat for pucheros or Tuna for the pasta."Say some of the members at the stall in the market.

"There are 12 months for eating"
Rincon Contigo is asking not to forget the families who are having problems, because although at Christmas they have received a lot of food from many groups and organizations , "there are 12 months to eat", so if there are people who can still help, please continue.

The association helps about 65 families a month, not only with food but paying electricity or gas because if they can´t cook the food what is the use of chick peas or tomato.

The actual headquarters of the association is a prefabricated building behind Manuel Laza Palacio School, where they attend the families between 10:30-12:00am on Tuesdays and 17:00-19:00 pm on Thursdays.

The area is getting small and they try to make it look decent by suggesting the need of shelves to put the goods on. "If it´s just asking", they are used to going where they are needed because that is their goal.

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