Villa Vainilla: new and unique pieces of furniture made from recycled materials

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Fran Carranque is a young man from Rincon who has swapped his dedication to computers; as a computer specialist and programmer, forwood,a saw to cut and the imagination to create furniture with recycled materials.

Pallets, beams, tiles, wood remains, iron, stones from the beach... these are all used in order to create adiverse result even though, in essence,it's the basic furniture for a house, garden or bar, like a table, bin or ashtray.

Together with his friend who is dedicated to the world of carpentry, Antonio Luis Dominguez, they are putting together a workshop 'Villa Vainilla' where theygive shape to their creations that,currently, supplythe necessities of their own homes, or that are orders that friends and family make when they discover what they are capable of doing.

A fridge, a bench, the counter for a bar, a dog house... and not only in wood but also with electrical installations or little places to put anti mosquito candles so they don't resort to your feet in the summer months.

At the moment they are busy creating different pieces in order to have samples of what they are capable of making, but the idea is to sell this furniture in craft markets or to create an online shop where people can see what they make by hand and with things that are, most of the time, thrown away without giving a second use.

Already new ideas circle Fran's head, like tailor made study tables to fit your needs, Bali style beds with a cover over the sleeping section, high stools like those at the counter of a bar, chairs to watch a sunseton fromthe porch...

Pushed by the current working situation and motivated by the support of people who know their possibilities and have seen what they have begunto construct, these young men from Rincon want to clear a pathway in Axarquia as creators of furniture customised for their clients and made with recycled materials that,when formed and treated as they should, can make a unique piece giving a distinguishing touch to your home or establishment.

If youwant to know more about them, you can contact them on Facebook:

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