English, essential for young people to improve their search for employment

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Putting together a CV in English, knowing how to sign up for a job offer in an English speaking country, carrying out an interview in the main international language, or making a call to an Anglo-Saxon country asking for more information about employment offered... These are some practical examples that have been carried out by the first group of students of the linguistic immersion campus 'London in Malaga II', taking place in 'La Noria' during the last week.

The association of foreign residents in Malaga (ANREM), in collaboration with 'la Diputación Provincial de Málaga', and thanks to the funding from the charitable work of La Caixa, is creating an English course with native teachers, intended for young, unemployed people within the province of Malaga that come from the municipalities of less than 20,000 inhabitants and are between the ages of 18 and 24.

Young people arrived on Monday, from El Morche, Campillos and Alora, among other villages, in order to complete a whole week; morning, afternoon and evening, in 'La Noria', next to the 'Materno Infantil de Málaga'. The idea is to speak and practise English for 24 hours, with a special focus on the search for employment in order for them to have more options in the Spanish labour market, as well as the labour market for other countries, as many are not dismissing that, given the circumstances, they may be forced to go abroad sooner or later.

"At first it was hard to make myself speak in English in the classes because I haven't spoken it for many years, but after this week practising, I realise that I have it in my head and I'm able to do it", explains one of the students Lydia Rivas.
They've carried out conversations, complaints, interviews, telephone calls, drafting work forms, and they have also received visits from foreigners who have explained the importance of having good knowledge of English in order to find work in other countries, as well as in the Costa del Sol where there's an important demand for the language in order to cater for the foreign tourists.

Enthusiasm and desire
The coordinator of this initiative, Eileen Logue, explains that the students have been divided into three groups; basic, intermediate-basic and intermediate, according to their level of English when arriving to 'La Noria'.Based on these, the three teachers have adapted the contents of their syllabus. In general, Logue emphasises the good behaviour of the young people and their desire to learn, demonstrated throughout the week. "Some are interested in carrying out a more comprehensive course in order to be able to obtain a qualification from the official examinations of Cambridge".

The teacher in charge of the highest level group, Terrie Mcdarby, confirms that she has noticed an improvement in each of the students and felt proud of the effort they put in and their desire to learn as much as possible. "They have gained confidence in their use of English and their ability to speak it. I wish them success in their search for a good job".

Mercedes Ramos is the teacher for the students that have the lowest level in terms of their general studies as well as regarding their English. The content of the course has been the same, for which there has been huge effort from the teacher and students throughout the five days. "They had a lot of enthusiasm and have realised that they're capable of managing with the language but they would need the course to be at least two weeks long in order to achieve the best results", she says.
During the week everyone came into contact, but Friday was the day to say goodbye to one group . They all talked about the break from the classes that they would return to at the weekend, but that on Monday they would be enthusiastic to resume the classes, to continue learning and seeing their new friends made during the intensive week of English.

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