Who says the tie is dead?

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José Luis López is a young person from Rincon who loves fashion, and above all, he loves to create. Whether it was by chance or not, in 2011 he reinvented the tie. He gave it a double colour scheme so that, with the narrower part on top, it had more depth and gave a more casual and original look. It was then when he patented the brand 63 DIBUF through which he intends to sell unique accessories and exclusive clothing marking distinction.

"I've always loved fashion and in 2009 I created a piece that got rid of the tie knot, something that's sometimes very difficult to do. Also, a piece that can be used to decorate a shawl or scarf or to substitute the knot of a tie, that, at the same time has a detail that goes with a bag or bracelet, for example" Lopez explains, and continues: "When I was going out once, I put my tie on backwards without intending to, and I realised the effect that it can have and the saviour it would be if you stained your tie at the beginning of the day".

This young person has learnt from designs, fabrics, and cut-offs.... He has been sent to Italy and France to make dressmaking patterns, but after everything, has stayed with Spanish production in order to embrace this wide market that is currently not covered by conventional ties. "140 million ties are sold worldwide, but none to women or young people. For this reason I want to give ties another perspective, making some with jean fabric and others in a shortened style in order to attract females", says José Luis.

Different styles for every occasion
63 Dibuf has thought about the different uses for this accessory that coincide with less formal occasions. But for the more formal events there are different patterns, velvet fabrics, tones that fade from black and white, even beige, as well as the jean fabrics that offer a more informal and youthful look. You can see some of these designs in our photo album on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lavozdehoy?ref=hl.

For the moment, José Luis López has launched an online shop: http://www.dibuf.com, where you can see the wide variety of designs and choose and make a purchase that you will receive on your doorstep in the space of 48 hours. The idea is to be able to sell them in shops and to big national and European brands, showing that ties are in fashion.

López has participated in the Larios catwalk 2012 and wants to present his idea in different fashion competitions and to young designers in order to make his creation known and to be able to put together a team of people that maintain the whole production; from the stages of design, up until selling, as 'made in España'. At the moment he is patient and knows that it requires a lot of work in order to position a product, a brand and a concept, because in DIBUF "we design imagination and make it reality", states his commercial slogan.

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