Rincón will receive 891,322.71 euros from the Junta’s youth employment plan


According the local Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE), La Junta de Andalucia has recently approved the programme 'Emple@Joven' as well as the initiative 'Emprende+', through which Rincón de la Victoria will receive 891,322.71 euros. In the announcement they indicated that 866 of the locally unemployed aged between 18 and 29 years will benefit from this.

This figure will promote the hiring of young people, on behalf of the council, for projects of societal and community benefit. These include jobs such as care assistants and home help, local services, cleaning, surveillance and security, promotion of tourism, sport, businesses and local products as well as cultural development etc. It is possible that the contracts with a maximum duration of 6 months will become full- or part-time and the programme will finance all of the hiring.

The socialist spokesperson, Encarnación Anaya, has assured that "with this decree our community becomes a pioneer in launching the Youth Guarantee System, funded by the European Union". The province will receive more than 30 million euros from a total of 200 million that the Junta will allocate at group levels. The five routes that have been passed are: Activa Empleo Joven (Active Youth Employment), Cooperación Social y Comunitaria para el Impulso del Empleo Joven (Social and Community cooperation for the Youth Employment boost), Prácticas Profesionales en empresas (Professional experience in businesses), Bono Empleo Joven y Becas para el desarrollo de proyectos de I+D+I (Youth Employment bonuses and grants for the development of projects by I+D+I).

Anaya has proposed that the mayor makes the most of the initiative in order to alleviate the gaps that the municipality has during this summer period and to strengthen the public services. These include the home help service, surveillance and security of areas as well as entertaining activities and sports events similar to those in summer camps for those that have recently inferred not having sufficient money for them. She has also advised that he formalises the applications to SAE as soon as possible, in order for the contracts to commence. Something that is possible to do up until the 31st October.

"The central government has cut help to the active employment policies in Andalucia by 70%. From the PSOE of Rincon we beg the municipal government to demand that the minister Báñez responds with at least the same intensity as the andalucian government has, in order to fight against youth unemployment", they explain and insist on the importance of informing the addressees of these means in every way possible and that they immediately begin the social and community cooperation route in order to boost youth employment.

In April, Rincón de la Victoria registered a demand of employment from 5794 people, mainly from the services sector. Of the 465 contracts that were given, 437 of them were temporary and only 28 indefinite.

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