Hundreds of specialities for just 2 euros, the XVI tapas feria begins in Rincón


Rincón de la Victoria again embraces the XVI 'Feria de la Tapa', an event in which 18 catering establishments within the municipality offer many different culinary specialities at the price of just 2 euros, for both a drink and tapas. The mayor, Francisco Salado, emphasised how the 'Feria de la Tapa' is the town's opening event for summer. This year, the gastronomic appointment will be celebrated from the 12th until the 15th of June and will boast novelties such as the possibility to pay for consummation by credit card as well as an agreement with Renfe giving all travellers to Malaga a discount of 30% for their ticket.

The councillor explained that the tapas feria, as well as being a provincial model in terms of gastronomic events, "means an economic stimulus for the hospitality sector as the impact generated by this event and the establishments involved amounts to 300,000 euros. This year we hope to receive more than 25,000 visitors which will exceed 80,000 consumptions."

The councillor of tourism, Marta Marín, commented: "this year we continue to maintain the quality and scheduling of such an anticipated event for the catering sector, residents and visitors. It will offer good prices with a great variety of tapas". As well as this, she indicated that the tapas feria is an event that comes to consolidate the tight collaboration between ACERV and the town council in order to promote Rincón de la Victoria.

The president of ACERV,Jose Antonio Villodres, emphasised the repercussions that this feria has and that "from the beginning it has expected an increase in establishments within the municipality dedicated to popular tapas". As well, Villodres thanked the involvement of the town council in strengthening an initiative that becomes more and more consolidated every year, relying on municipal funding for the event's entire infrastructure.

From the 12th until the 15th of June in the Tourist Office.

The gastronomic event will take place from the 12th to the 15th of June between the hours of 12.00 to 17.00 and 20.00 to 01.00 next to the municipality's tourism office. During these four days there will be musical performances and a traditional tapas competition. Between said tapas, traditional dishes can be found; from anchovies with lemon, 'porraAntequera' (a type of cold soup) and paella, to more exotic dishes such as musaca, cous-cous, and 'rulotoscano'. As well as this, this year screens will be installed in the area showing football games coinciding with the event and the World Cup celebrations in Brazil.


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