Now even your pets can enjoy the beach this summer

Nueva playa canina en la desembocadura de Arroyo Totalán.


Animal lovers it's your lucky day! Last Sunday the mayors of both Rincón de la Victoria and Málaga, Francisco Salado y Francisco de la Torre, visited and inaugurated the new dog beach situated near the mouth of the Totalánriver that separates both municipalities. During their visit they were accompanied by the councillor of 'Medio Ambiente y Playas de Rincón' (Environment and Beaches of Rincón), Sergio Díaz, among others. With this initiative, both places have created a strip of the coast specifically for dogs, not designated for bathing. This beach can be accessed from the Blas Infante promenade in La Cala del Moral, on the corner of 'Calle Huelva'. The dog beach is more than 600 metres long and approximately 1800 metres squared.

In order for this zone to be used by pets, there has been a series of refurbishment works, of which the most noteworthy are: the movement of soil, clearing of rubbish and weeds, providing water points, as well as information concerning the limits of the dog beach and rules and regulations concerning its use. The joint investment of around 30,000 euros was given by the 'Demarcación de Costas', the local government of Rincón de la Victoria and the town council of Málaga in order for the beach to be functioning all year round. In particular, 'Costas' has carried out the movement of sand, Málaga's local government has been in charge of supplying equipment, while the town council of Rincón has been responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the beach, as well as the supply of water points.

This is the fourth beach open for dogs in the province of Málaga. The first town to process an adaptation of its bylaw in order to allow this was the province of Mijas that, at the end of last year, permitted the modification of the law which, up until this moment, prohibited the presence of dogs and animals on the beach during the bathing season. This change maintains said prohibition in force, except along those parts of the coastline that have been specifically authorised for animals by the municipality. There is a similar space in Casares, with the well-known beach of La Sal that occupies 4100 metres. Fuengirola was added to these two municipalities in April, authorising a strip of the coast near CastillaSohail, with more than 2000 square metres. The space is marked out by fences and has a series of requirements for its use. Not only this, but owners must clear up after their dogs and must carry the documentation for their pets.

In terms of Málaga, spaces such as Malagueta and Guadalmar were considered but, in the end, positioning the dog beach next to the promenade in La Cala del Moral was chosen as it's the best place in order to allow both dogs and bathers. On this beach the same rules apply as those in parks. The animal must always be under control, if it weighs more than 20 kilos it should wear a muzzle and if it's a breed that is considered to be dangerous its access is completely prohibited. As well as this, the owners must always carry their pet's documentation.

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